We Are Building The Sustainable Technology Of Things

15 years in the making, SHOURAiGen is a Sustainable Technologies company like no other. A bold claim we intend to prove. By Spring of 2018, SHOURAiGen will introduce two of its first IOT products & services to the world. and we are confident that they will change the way people live work & play forever. Sustainability is the key to our survival.

We all thought that our world would be safer, cleaner more advanced by now. Instead we are in a much worse place than at anytime in the history of humanity. Our goal is to fundamentally change the way the world uses energy on an extreme scale. SHOURAÍGen is going to transport you leaps ahead


The SHOURAiGen Manifesto

Why Are We Doing This? Because We Want To help You To Help Our Planet.

With so many things that are wrong on our planet, we thought we should create & make beautiful, intelligent & sustainable things for you that are right. Team S.G. believes that all life has a Raison D'etre. Our Planet is like trust: So easy to break, yet so difficult to fix. Our Mission is to do the fixing. Our core goal is to help our customers live Sustainable & healthy Lifestyles. Our vision is to tackle everything from 3D & Organic Manufacturing, Health & Wellness IT, Ethical Fashion & Travel, Business & Entertainment, Education, Arts & Science.

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    Team S.G.

    We are an international group on a mission to explore, & develop Sustainable Technologies' that satisfy your self-interests, and the planet's.

    CEO Lars Berglund, Luqe "SkyWalker" Lative: VP Asia Pacific & SEA, Global S.A Jasmin Purwin. Herr Søren Locher: Legal Advisor, Fabritius Tengnagel Heine, Copenhagen Denmark


    The SHOURAiGen Ecosystem

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

    Health & Wellness IT

    One of S.G.'s marquee products the XSG5' completely turns the world of Health & Wellness IT on it's head. This is not a pill', tablet', watch or phone' what this is about is a life changing, thought altering, super intelligent machine, that declares all out war on the global obesity pandemic that adversely affects all life. XSG5, "More Real Than Real"

    S.G. Multimedia & Entertainment

    S.G. "XSG5 EarthMods" have such wonderful things to show you. "EarthMods" will transport you to the places you would like to be at that very moment. This technology simultaneously taps into all six of your senses to help make you fit, healthy and happy No need to go alone, connect with friends and family enjoy the experience together. and Oh Yeah!... We will also take you shopping.

    Education, Arts & Science

    So you missed that once in a lifetime art exhibit in Paris. You don't know anything about Brasils Rainforest. and you've never been inside an ancient Scottish Castle. S.G. has a fix for that! Our XSPOI & "Flying Pixies" Technologies will transport you anywhere you want to go and teach you anything you ever wanted to learn.

    Sustainable Travel

    SELSS.dk is a S.G. Company, a Sustainable Travel' service like no other. We simply ask you to allow our technology to get you to your destination(s) packing only your mobile device & toothbrush; We will do the rest to save you loads of hassle, time and cash. Being a customer of SELSS.com allows you to help the environment, and you get to look absolutely fabulous doing it. Sorry' nothing we can do about airline services, Yet !

    Renewable Energy

    "SHE" the Egyptian word for water, our most important yet quickly evaporating natural resource. Team S.G. has a fix for this is too! We are developing a Energie System called "SHE" that will completely reinvigorate your mind & body and SHE' is 100% powered by wind & solar energies, So while 'SHE' helps your body feel better, S.G. will help you make our oceans feel better.

    Ethical Lifestyles & Fashion

    We get it, you don't like knowing your new clothes were produced using child or sweatshop labour, or that the chemicals and dyes used are extremely harmful to us and our environment. No problem, S.G has a fix for that too !. We are working with Ethical Fashion Designers' from around the globe to bring you beautiful fashion created in ethical and "environmentally friendly" ways.

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    "When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth"